James Galley

James Galley

James Galley is a journalist and multimedia producer, currently working at Bloomberg to provide live and on demand video coverage of breaking and market-moving news for the EMEA region.

James has also been a political correspondent for international radio and TV, covering a wide range of UK and EU political and economic stories.

I’m James, and I currently work for Bloomberg, producing and coordinating the live video coverage of breaking and potentially market-moving news. I also produce video on demand, organise freelancers to cover events, and collaborate with other teams across the newsroom to provide as wide and comprehensive a range of live video news coverage as possible.

As a multi-skilled journalist I have worked across web and multimedia platforms, produced video reports and interviews, presented and reported for audiences across the world. I have a clear, concise and authoritative style, and have the ability to distill and explain information in clear and straightforward ways. I have experience targeting my content to a specialised audience, and a good understanding of what content works best on a variety of different platforms.

I also have reporting experience, a good eye for a story, and a knack for finding the best possible angle. I have covered UK economic and political stories for international TV and radio, and have interviewed senior political figures, including Theresa May. Having studied politics, economics and journalism at university, I have a very detailed understanding of UK and EU politics, and strong economic and business knowledge.

I also have technical skills, including experience editing in Premiere, Edius, Audition, experience of self-shooting, and a groundwork in languages such as JavaScript, Python, HTML and CSS.

If you have any questions or want to hire me then either tweet, email or message me on LinkedIn. To find examples of my work visit my portfolio, and here is my CV.