James Galley

James Galley

James Galley is a journalist, reporter and multimedia producer, and an expert on UK and EU political and economic stories, ranging from Westminster to Brussels.

James has been a political correspondent for international radio and TV with an emphasis on Brexit and its aftermath. Based in London, James has also worked in Belgium and France.

I’m James, and if you have any questions or want to hire me then either tweet, email or message me on LinkedIn. To find examples of my work visit my portfolio, and here is my CV.

I’ve interviewed senior political figures, including Theresa May, produced online videos on political topics such as digital democracy, and reported on Brexit and other UK stories for international radio and TV networks such as RFI (France) and CFRA and CTV (Canada).

Having graduated with postgraduate degrees in both Broadcast Journalism and Politics, I have a very detailed knowledge of UK and EU politics, and the ability to distill and explain information in clear and straightforward ways. From my undergraduate degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, I also have strong economic and business knowledge, being able to sift through data, cover economic and financial stories, and make them relatable and understandable to the general viewer or listener.

As a multi-skilled journalist I have worked across web and multimedia platforms. I have experience writing, producing, filming, video editing, presenting and reporting for audiences across the world. I have a good broadcast voice, and a clear, concise and authoritative style. I also have experience delivering radio news bulletins and providing voiceovers for videos.

I have experience producing online video reports, video and audio interviews, and in-depth feature and idea based videos. I have extensive interviewing experience, including having interviewed and built professional relationships with senior figures in the fields of politics, business and academia. In addition to production experience, I also have reporting skills, a good eye for a story, and a knack for finding the best possible way to tell that story.

Having previously worked in social media, I have a good understanding of how to target content to an audience and how to optimise it for different social media channels. I also have technical skills, including a groundwork in languages such as JavaScript, Python, HTML and CSS.